With over 30 years of


Tim has the know-how you need.

Tim Snell is president of Business Builder Leadership Coaching, a company focused on helping small business owners achieve financial, organizational and personal success. Through confidential coaching, professional assessments and systems-focused tools, Tim helps small business owners overcome the roadblocks to increased profitability, attracting more clients, and getting their businesses organized so they can cut back on their work hours and start enjoying life a whole lot more!


Tim brings a wealth of experience to the coaching profession. Not only is he a trained and certified small business coach, he is also an entrepreneur by nature, having started four different organizations including two businesses, a nonprofit, and non-denominational church. But Tim's experience doesn't stop there. Besides his coach training and business experience, over his life Tim has also served as a pastor in four churches, served on several nonprofit boards, and worked as a licensed church consultant for a number of years.  With over 30 years as a leader in both the business and non-profit sectors, he has worked with hundreds of leaders, teams, and individuals from every walk of life. In each of his interactions, Tim brings all of that experience to bear for his clients to help them achieve their aspirations and goals.  

As your coach, Tim will:

  • Guide you along a proven decision-making pathway to help your business become both organized and profitable

  • Take you on the journey to discover how you can be the leader your business or nonprofit needs

  • Help you make discoveries to get your financial systems set up in a way that works for you

  • Work with you on the marketing strategies that will drive new clients into your business

  • Help you develop a plan that allows you work a whole lot less and begin spending more time enjoying friends and family

  • Help you discover a deeper sense of purpose and inspiration to fulfill your potential in life

  • Provide the structure for you to build momentum toward achieving your goals