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With over 30 years of


Tim has the know-how you need.

Tim Snell is president of Primary Purpose Coaching and Consulting, a company focused on helping companies, leaders, and teams achieve their maximum potential and become authentically impactful in the lives of those they are around.  Through in-depth assessments and high-level leadership coaching, he helps his clients achieve top performance, lead their organizations to new heights, and find a deep sense of purpose because of how they lived and how they led.


Tim brings a wealth of experience to the coaching profession.  He has owned his own business, started and led two different nonprofits, served on several nonprofit boards, and also worked with churches as a licensed consultant for a number of years.   With over 30 years as leader in both the business and non-profit sectors, he has worked with hundreds of leaders, teams, and individuals from every walk of life.   

As your coach, Tim will:


Help you get unstuck.

Lead you on a path of discovery to be the most effective leader that you can be.

Stimulate better skills.

Help you discover a deeper sense of purpose.

Help you achieve life balance.

Inspire you to fulfill your potential in life.

Provide forward momentum toward achieving your goals.