Investing in proven Systems Business Coach® training programs gives you a focused way to increase your profits while developing the systems that lead to both a successful business and a more satisfying life.



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Are you needing to reset your business because of COVID-19 or other factors?  The Path Forward for Small Business Owners training course is a 10-week program that can help you get your feed back under you by giving you a 180 day game-plan for success.

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Reset Your Business for Success!

Step into this 10-week training program and walk out with a 180 day plan to reset your business for success!

During this training you will:

  • Complete a SOAR analysis of your business.

  • Get a FREE business assessment.

  • Create an action accountability plan for moving your business goals forward.

  • Clarify your values and company promise for exceptional customer service.

  • Develop a 180 day cash flow plan.

  • Begin the process of establishing a systems documentation strategy to simplify your life.

  • Identify your staffing plan.

  • ...Much more!

During each step, Tim will be here to walk with as you create forward momentum for your business.

The fastest way to increase sales is to know everything about your customer and align your products with their exact needs.  In this 8-week Re:Target Marking for Growth training program you will evaluate your entire marketing strategy and align your products and services with your customer for maximum profit.

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Grow Your Revenue During COVID-19 and Beyond!

The more you understand about your customers, what they want, need and expect from you, the faster your business will stabilize and expand.

During this training you will be supported as you:

  • Get a FREE business assessment.

  • Identify the demographics and though patterns of your ideal customer. 

  • Review all product offerings to determine fit in the current market, expanding or moving sales online if required.

  • Evaluate current pricing strategies for market fit and profitability.

  • Develop a promotional strategy that includes social media and website user experience review.

  • Increase sales, with a well-organized sales system.

  • Create a comprehensive 12-month marketing plan.

  • ...Much more!

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